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Join EcomPass, the premier community designed exclusively for Amazon sellers of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. Gain access to a private Facebook group where you can connect, learn, and thrive alongside like-minded individuals from the e-commerce industry.
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Seek guidance from Amazon expert sellers to address your queries and receive valuable advice
Connect with fellow Amazon sellers, share experiences and hacks, and foster valuable relationships
Stay informed about the latest Amazon strategies, news, case studies, and insightful articles
Product Launching Kit:
Receive an in-depth product idea analysis that provides valuable insights and recommendations
Engage in a personalized one-on-one coaching call with an experienced Amazon expert
Access individualized product research based on your unique criteria
Obtain a professionally crafted listing description to maximize your product's visibility
Showcase your Amazon Store/Product Promo to gain a competitive edge
Leverage supplier analysis so you can make informed decisions and establish reliable partnerships
Receive a handpicked selection of five potential best-selling products every two weeks
Access a treasure trove of profitable product ideas, curated by experienced analytics
Product Ideas:
Exclusive Workshops:
Participate in live webinar sessions and interact directly with industry experts
Acquire invaluable tips, tricks, and actionable insights to enhance your Amazon selling journey
Benefit from VIP support to ensure a seamless experience within the community
Enjoy exclusive discounts, promo codes, and bonuses from our trusted software partners
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Community Perks:
Utilize a profit calculator to optimize your Amazon business strategies
Save time and effort with readily available email templates tailored for various scenarios
Equip yourself with essential guides, templates, and checklists that include product research, listing creation, PPC advertising, and effective communication with suppliers
Comprehensive Resources:
and unlock a world of opportunities, knowledge, and support to help you improve your experience selling on Amazon. Take the first step towards success by becoming a valued member of our thriving community.
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Our Expert Amazon Sellers:
Andre has over four years of experience in the world of e-commerce.
During this time, he has seen his fair share of ups and downs along his journey to success, and has now reached the point where he has turned his focus toward helping others navigate their own e-commerce journeys.

Andre’s YouTube channel, SuccessToSelling, is designed to help individuals who are new to Amazon, or are stuck at some point in the process and need that extra push. Of course, educational tutorials can only take you so far toward achieving success. That is why Andre finds value in helping others in a more detailed fashion.
Andre Calzone
Your Trusted Community Guides!
Since 2017, Sami and his partner Alan have been dedicated to helping Amazon startups and entrepreneurs establish their own FBA stores. Sami and Alan’s services include helping sellers find the right products to sell, writing and optimizing listings, and providing PPC optimization training, making them a one-stop-shop for all of your Amazon business needs.

Sami is passionate about mentoring and coaching, seeing it as his responsibility to teach his students and clients how to start their own successful online businesses and guide them through every step of the way. With their expertise, Sami and his team have helped over 3,000 companies and individual sellers generate three to seven figures in revenue
Sami Sabbah
Miloš began his Amazon journey in 2016 as a private-label seller. Over time, he has been able to leverage his own experience and insights to help others. He has worked with numerous sellers and other players in the Amazon space, as he has written many articles and created courses.

Miloš is particularly renowned for his Amazon PPC skills, and has been running his own agency, A to Z Propulsion, for several years now. With his expertise, he has grown six- and seven-figure accounts, and managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spending.
Miloš Culafic
Kelly Colman is the founder of New CID Cosmetics and is also a very successful Amazon seller, generating revenue in the seven-figure range for the last seventeen years. Through her agency, Kelly assists aspiring Amazon sellers with launching products and thriving in this competitive marketplace. With her extensive experience, she has mastered the art of transforming a brand from zero to one million dollars/year.

Kelly’s philosophy is straightforward yet powerful – all you need is one winning product for your Amazon business to achieve success. By prioritizing the success of that single product, learning the ins and outs of building your Amazon business, and implementing effective strategies, you can unlock tremendous rewards and growth opportunities.
Kelly Colman
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A one-on-one coaching call
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Your Amazon Store/Product Promo
Supplier Analysis
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