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Each Research Report Includes
A full keyword list of your competitors with their estimated monthly search volumes
A keyword comparison for all products appearing on the first page of results, considering relevance by product type and price range, along with several additional criteria
Listing optimization analysis and PPC strategies used for top-selling products
Get a sample report with a full analysis of competitors' keywords
With Sellerhook research, you can:
Improve the position of your product among Amazon search results
Enter a growing niche early, and capture 90% of sales
Enable your team members to spend zero effort or time on keyword research
Find effective keywords for PPC that you’re missing right now
Sellerhook’s experts rely on data from AMZScout, having maintained a close partnership with the company for many years. They have absorbed all AMZScout’s knowledgeable experience from the past eight years, including insights from sellers and e-commerce experts.
Sellerhook was created by analysts in close partnership with AMZScout
We take advantage of keyword Big Data collected by AMZScout to enhance our keyword analysis with AI algorithms
Our customers range from first-time business owners to leading e-commerce companies and experts