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Amazon Market Share Insights: Data-Driven Success and Monthly Tracking
Benefit from analysis results, including key indicators like Market Share Revenue and Sales per Brand

Access detailed reports on specific product categories, featuring insights from competitor analysis, including critical metrics like average price, reviews, organic positions, and more, enabling you to make strategic decisions

Get monthly insights that are customized to your specific interests and have consistent relevance
Elevate your market position and strategy by tracking both yours and your competitors' monthly market share, along with their sales and revenue dynamics
Fantastic service
Fantastic service once again and never fails to exceed my expectations. I will definitely be using this service again.
The Sellerhook service is great
The Sellerhook service is great! It is very detailed and all the information is organized in an easy to review format. Will use again!
Each report includes
A comprehensive analysis of total sales and revenue across main brands within your chosen market, derived from thorough keyword searches to ensure relevance and accuracy
A detailed breakdown of Market Share Revenue and Sales per Brand, showcasing the percentage of total market revenue and sales each brand contributes, providing valuable insights into their relative success in the market
Exclusive insights drawn from extensive big data analysis, presenting invaluable perspectives that could inform strategic decisions and enhance your understanding of market dynamics
With this subscription, not only will you receive your own competitor analysis report within ten business days, but you'll also enjoy monthly updates tailored to your chosen market
Metrics and indicators, such as price, ratings, product position among search results, and more, along with their comparative analysis, offer insights into competition within the segment, identifying strengths and weaknesses that can help you devise a strategy for your business
*We are not affiliated with, authorized by, or in any way connected to the companies indicated in this report, and are not responsible for their products and services. All trademarks and brand names are the property of their respective owners.
Market Share Revenue Chart displays the changing revenue shares for each brand, offering crucial insights into the Сamera market’s dynamics
Market Share Sales Chart showcases the evolving sales shares for each brand, providing essential insights about the Сamera market’s dynamics
You will receive a comprehensive competitor analysis report within ten business days
Get sample market share report in your inbox with detailed Amazon product insights
What our happy customers say
We were baffled by the constant fluctuations in our market share on Amazon. Each month brought about new surprises as our sales seemed to swing wildly, leaving us looking for explanations.

Our breakthrough came when we invested in a Market Share Report. This insightful analysis not only revealed our rivals' pricing and customer engagement tactics, but also identified our key competitors, helping us to refine our own advertising strategies. Additionally, our report highlighted the need to enhance our competitiveness, prompting increased investment in advertising for improved ranking and visibility. Monitoring other successful brands has informed our advertising approach and positioning improvements, as well as our product expansion plans.

The report provided important insights into our competitors' market share, helping us understand who our main competitors were and how much of the market they controlled. This information was invaluable, as it allowed us to prioritize which competitors to take more seriously and where to focus our attention. After analyzing the data, we discovered that many competitors in the niche offer their products in three or more variations, catering to a wider range of customer needs. We also found that our product prices were higher than the segment average, while our product reviews, average ratings, and customer feedback were lower. These findings prompted us to make strategic changes to our approach. We also observed the market dynamics a few months after receiving this report.

The impact was noticeable. Customers responded positively to our upgrades, leading to a 15% increase in our market share. By closely monitoring our competitors' actions, we were able to anticipate market trends within our niche on Amazon.

This report was a game-changer, helping us understand market dynamics and stay ahead of the competition. We still use competitor analysis as a key part of our Amazon sales strategy, ensuring that we lead in both innovation and customer satisfaction.
eCommerce manager
The Sellerhook team has over seven years of online marketplace experience and expertise. Sellerhook was created by analysts and developers from AMZScout, a worldwide top-three tool for product and keyword research.
We take advantage of product Big Data collected by AMZScout to enhance our product analysis with AI algorithms.
Our customers range from first-time business owners to leading e-commerce companies and experts.
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