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How to Find the Best Things to Resell for Profit in 2024

Step into the world of profitable resales, where identifying the best items is the ultimate key to success. By understanding market trends and pricing strategies, you'll be equipped to make informed decisions for a prosperous venture. In this guide, you'll gain insights on how to pinpoint the most lucrative products and explore ten examples.

How to Make a Profit Reselling Items

Firstly, resellers can identify the most profitable products by conducting market research, analyzing demand, and assessing competition. Then, they source these products through wholesale suppliers, distributors, or even retail arbitrage, buying them at a lower price and then selling them at a higher price on other marketplaces or their own store.

Resellers can buy and resell various types of products, including those that are:
  • Branded new or unopened
  • Limited edition or exclusive items
  • Vintage items
  • Popular and trending
  • High-quality and premium
  • Niche or specialized
  • Seasonal or holiday items
  • Discontinued or hard-to-find
When it comes to figuring out where to buy products in bulk at cheap prices, Alibaba is one of the best places to turn to. With their extensive range of suppliers and competitive pricing, Alibaba offers resellers an ideal platform for sourcing products in large quantities.

To effectively evaluate products for reselling, some important features to look for include popular brand names, competitive pricing, favorable profit margins, good reviews and ratings, and the potential for repeat sales or customer loyalty. Conducting market research and staying informed about industry trends can further enhance a reseller's ability to identify and capitalize on profitable products.

How to Identify the Best Items to Resell

Most sellers start out by searching for products on their own. However, it's crucial to begin the process correctly. To help you find the best items to resell on Amazon, eBay, or any other marketplace, here is a step-by-step guide:
  1. Collect potential ideas: Brainstorm product ideas based on your interests, hobbies, expertise, or popular products featured on social media. Consider what excites you and aligns with market demand.
  2. Set price range: It’s advisable to concentrate on products whose prices fall within the range of $20 to $70, as they offer higher potential for profitability.
  3. Evaluate sales data: Review the sales data of your chosen products to gauge their level of demand and potential profitability. Look for consistent sales performance and a healthy market size.
  4. Assess competition: Analyze the number of sellers offering the same or similar products. If you can see a very high number of sellers who are already offering that item, it may be challenging to compete effectively and generate a profit. If you sell on Amazon, divide the number of monthly product sales by the number of sellers to estimate the market share and potential competition.
  5. Check customer reviews: Examine the reviews of the top-performing products in your chosen category. Gain insights into customer preferences, their likes and dislikes, and how they use those products. The more positive reviews the product has, the higher your chances of generating sales.
  6. Analyze potential profits: It’s essential to strike a balance between setting a competitive price that attracts customers and ensuring that the margin covers the initial cost, expenses, and desired profit.
By following these steps and conducting thorough research, you can identify the top things to buy and resell. For new sellers or those entering a new marketplace, navigating this process can be challenging. However, there's a solution to simplify this complex research process.

An Easy Way to Find Products to Resell

Finding the best products to resell can be time-consuming when done manually. In addition to researching demand and competition, there are also several other factors to consider. If you lack the time or expertise to conduct thorough research on your own, there is a solution available.

Sellerhook offers a valuable service for entrepreneurs starting out on their eCommerce ventures. Their team of experienced professionals can assist you with selecting the right product to meet your needs. With a proven track record of success and positive customer feedback, Sellerhook is a trusted resource.

To better understand the quality of Sellerhook’s services, take the time to read success stories and user reviews. By leveraging Sellerhook's expertise, you can save time and make informed decisions on profitable products for your reselling business.
Here’s how you can order your own research reports from Sellerhook:
1. Decide how many product ideas you want included in your report.
2. Pay for your order.
3. Complete the survey. Here, you can check various boxes to narrow down your search. First, pick your business model.
4. Provide additional information. You can set other specific criteria, such as price range, or enter the minimum monthly sales number as 300.
5. Get your results. In 10 days, you’ll receive your own research report with all of the essential information you need about your chosen product(s).
With Sellerhook, you'll get a comprehensive research report that features products that match your criteria and boast promising potential for profits.
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The 10 Best Things to Resell for Profit

To provide you with an overview of the products that can be resold, let's examine the following 10 examples. These items are available on Amazon, but this information is equally applicable to any other e-Commerce platform.

Please note that the key features mentioned in these examples, such as price range, sales volume, and competition level, are accurate at the time of writing. However, it's important to acknowledge that these factors can change over time.

The data provided below is sourced from AMZScout PRO Extension, which is a valuable tool for Amazon sellers involved in reselling. Keep in mind that it is crucial to use up-to-date and current product data to make informed decisions about your product selection.

Hyaluronic Acid Airy Sun Stick

The Hyaluronic Acid Airy Sun Stick offers an opportunity for profits with strong sales of 3,600 units/month. The moderate competition allows for brand establishment and significant market share. Priced competitively at $15-20 per unit, it meets the demand for sun protection and hydration.
Woman Yoga Romper

This Women’s Yoga Romper is a lucrative option with consistent monthly sales of 3,000 units. The Sport Outfit niche is probably the easiest one in which to start reselling. Priced at $15-35, this product appeals to both fitness enthusiasts and fashion-conscious customers.
Pantophenic Acid

Pantophenic Acid skincare products promise profitability with monthly niche revenue exceeding $60,000. The low competition allows for significant market presence. Priced at $20-40 per unit, this item satisfies the demand for advanced skincare.
Magnetic Sunglass Holder

The Magnetic Sunglass Holder is a unique and convenient niche that generates 1,000 monthly sales. The moderate competition also offers opportunities for differentiation. Priced attractively at $10 to $15 per holder, sellers can enjoy favorable profit margins.
Cooling Relief for Migraine

Reselling this Cooling Relief for Migraine product presents a lucrative opportunity with its consistent level of demand. With an average monthly sales volume of 1,700 units, this product offers effective relief for migraine sufferers. The market competition in this niche is moderate, allowing resellers to establish their brand and enjoy profitable margins. Priced between $15 and $30 per unit, this product provides value to customers seeking relief from migraines.
Spice Drawer Organizer

The Spice Drawer Organizer is a must-have for resellers in the home organization market. With an impressive monthly sales volume of 2,000 units, this product caters to the growing demand for efficient spice storage. Resellers can capitalize on this opportunity with manageable competition and enjoy the chance to offer innovative solutions. Priced attractively between $20 and $30 per organizer, resellers can expect to see healthy profit margins while satisfying customers' organizational needs.
Vegetable Washing Machine

Reselling the Vegetable Washing Machine offers a convenient and in-demand product to health-conscious individuals. With an average monthly sales volume of 2,000 units, this kitchen appliance provides hassle-free cleaning for produce. Resellers can tap into this market with relatively low competition, allowing them to establish their presence and capture a share of the demand. Priced competitively between $30 and $50 per unit, this vegetable washing machine offers resellers attractive profit margins and addresses the needs of busy households.
Car Race Track Set

The Car Race Track Set presents a thrilling opportunity for resellers in the toy and hobby industry. With an impressive monthly sales volume of 1,500 units, this product captivates both children and collectors. Resellers entering this market will encounter some competition, but the market remains receptive to new offerings and creative designs. Priced between $40 and $60 per set, this car race track set promises both entertainment and profitability for resellers aiming to meet the desires of racing enthusiasts.
Handheld Mini Fan

Reselling the Handheld Mini Fan taps into the growing demand for portable cooling solutions. With an average monthly sales volume of 5,000 units, this product caters to individuals seeking instant relief from the heat. The competition in this niche requires resellers to stand out with innovative designs and features, but the market provides ample opportunities for success. Priced attractively between $15 and $30 per fan, this handheld mini fan offers resellers healthy profit margins and provides a refreshing solution for cooling on-the-go.
Silverware Organizer

The Silverware Organizer is an essential item for resellers targeting the home organization market. With an average of 3,000 units sold per month, this product addresses the need for well-organized silverware storage. Resellers can differentiate themselves by offering unique designs and practical features, despite existing competition. Priced between $25 and $50 per organizer, this silverware organizer promises attractive profit margins and customer satisfaction for resellers entering the market.


The process of finding profitable items to resell requires careful consideration and market research. When faced with a vast array of products and sourcing options, it’s easy for sellers to feel overwhelmed at the start of their journey. To help streamline this process, Sellerhook offers valuable outsourced product research services to help you make informed decisions.

See what your research report would look like.

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