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How to Find High-Demand Products to Sell on Amazon

When starting your own Amazon business, searching for good products that are in high demand online is the first and most important step. Selling high-demand items increases your chances of success and generates higher profits, whether you do dropshipping or sell your own brand. But it is important to note that selling these kinds of products also comes with challenges, such as increased competition leading to lower conversion rates.

In this article, we will discuss the most in-demand products, explain how to find ones with low competition and provide examples of the best products to sell.

Understanding High-Demand Products

On Amazon or any other marketplace, high-demand products are items that people search for and purchase the most frequently. Typically, these items tend to sell quickly, have high customer ratings, and generate a significant amount of revenue for sellers on Amazon.
  • Consumer problem-solving
  • A broader market reach
  • Offering unique features or innovation
  • Evergreen products
  • Essential products
  • Increased social influence and recommendations
  • Strong brand reputation
Selling high-demand products provides many benefits, including increased sales and profits, improved visibility and discoverability, and a larger customer base. While strong demand is beneficial, the presence of low competition can also provide businesses with a strategic advantage, allowing them to thrive in the market. Selling these kinds of products on Amazon can help sellers build a successful and profitable business.

How to Identify High-Demand Products to Sell

Most sellers start by searching for products on their own. But how can you be sure you’re starting in the right place? To make your search easier, here is a step-by-step guide on how to identify the highest-demand products to sell on Amazon:
1. Collect potential ideas. Start by brainstorming product ideas that you are interested in selling. Consider your own interests, hobbies, and expertise, as well as current trends and popular products on Amazon.
2. Research search volume. Use keyword research tools to find out the number of searches related to your items. You can use Google Trends, Ahrefs, AMZScout keyword tools, and more. Another tip is to analyze the listings of the top-performing products to discover new keyword ideas.
3. Check if the sales are high. Review the sales data of your chosen products to realize the demand for these products and their potential profitability.
4. Check seasonality. Some products may be in high demand only during specific seasons or events. Check if your potential products have a seasonal component, and if so, consider if it makes sense to invest in selling them only during certain times of the year.
5. Check the number of sellers. Consider the number of sellers who already offer the same product or similar things on Amazon. If there are too many sellers, it may be difficult to compete and make a profit.
6. Analyze the competition. Examine the quality of competitor listings. If you plan to sell on a listing that already has many sellers, divide the number of product monthly sales by the number of sellers to get an idea of ​​what you can expect.
7. Check customer reviews. Look at the reviews of the top-performing products in your chosen category to gain insights into customer preferences, what they like and dislike, and how they use the products. This information can help you determine how to position your own product and what features to highlight in your listing.
However, this process can take some time if you do it manually. When choosing the best products to sell, you also need to consider not only demand but several other additional factors as well.

Quick Way to Find Perfect Products to Sell

If you lack the time and knowledge to thoroughly research potential products, you can rely on experienced professionals to do the work for you. When you are ready to start your eCommerce venture and you need assistance in choosing a product that fits your needs, Sellerhook is a great option.

Sellerhook's experienced experts have a long record of success, as evidenced by their excellent customer feedback and reviews. To get an idea of the quality of their services, you can read various success stories and user reviews.
Here’s how you can order your own research reports from Sellerhook:
1. Decide how many product ideas you want included in your report.
2. Pay for your order.
3. Complete the survey. Here, you can check various boxes to narrow down your search for products that have low competition and stable demand.
4. Provide additional information. You can enter other specific criteria, such as setting the minimum monthly sales number to 300.
5. Get your results. In 10 days, you’ll receive your research report with all of the essential information you need about your chosen product(s).
With Sellerhook, you'll get a comprehensive research report featuring products that match your criteria and boast promising profitability potential.
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Five High-Demand Products on Amazon

Which products are high in demand right now? Here are five product examples with high demand and low competition levels that sell well on Amazon. Learn what factors affect each product’s popularity and what else needs to be considered when finding products.
Please note that the following information is provided for reference purposes only and does not constitute product recommendations.
The data, such as price range, sales volume, and competition level, is sourced from AMZScout PRO Extension and is accurate at the time of writing. However, it's important to acknowledge that these factors can change over time. Therefore, it is crucial to use up-to-date and current product data when making informed decisions about your product selection.

DTF transfer film

As many people nowadays crave unique designs, DTF Transfer Film has become a really popular item on Amazon. Mostly known for its high-quality and versatile use for transferring designs, this item can be applied onto fabrics, plastics, and metals. According to AMZScout research, it promises high profits (average monthly revenue is almost $7,000), and strong demand since the niche is currently unsaturated, and there are not too many AMZ sellers.
Handheld garment steamer for clothes

This item is popular on Amazon because it offers a convenient and efficient way to remove wrinkles and refresh clothing without the need for an ironing board or hot iron. Though the overall score is a bit lower, the analysis shows that this niche offers high margins, sales are really strong (over 7,000 sales monthly) and the top-brand competition is low. This is a great niche to try. Specifically, this niche offers a great opportunity for resellers to find cheap products at Alibaba and resell them on Amazon with great margins.
Bath toys organizer

Bath toys organizers provide an easy and practical solution for keeping children's bath toys tidy and organized. Look for those that prevent mold and mildew growth, as they are the most popular. Bath toy organizers are relatively inexpensive to manufacture and source, especially when compared to other baby products. AMZScout tools don’t show too many AMZ sellers here, plus we can see very high sales (more than 2.600 monthly sales on average) and high margins.
Plastic straw rug

Plastic Straw Rugs made from recycled plastic straws are popular, due to their eco-friendliness and durability. This item is suitable for a variety of spaces. People tend to choose these rugs to mak e their homes cozier. As AMZScout PRO shows, this is a really balanced niche with a good level of prices (resulting in about $45,000 in monthly revenue) and low competition.
Square-neck tank top

This niche is one of the most popular among apparel, as it is a fashionable piece of clothing that many top influencers and models are wearing. Based on its history, this niche is growing, and last year the popularity of these products was very high. This niche offers promising sales (niche average: 4,620 sales/month) and nice profits. Searching for trending apparel on social media is an excellent way to find new products to sell.
There are several ways to find all the different products in demand to sell on Amazon. First, try various tools like AMZScout and research methods to help you analyze products and identify those that are in high demand, as well as those with potential for good profits and low competition. This includes researching keyword volume, sales data, reviews, and other market factors in order to find the right products to sell. Keep in mind that even though this is a great option, you would have to research and analyze hundreds of products over several months before finding the perfect one.

There is another option to help you find not only popular products, but also those that can be profitably sold while freeing up your time and energy from manual research. To make the whole process faster, you can get help from third-party services like Sellerhook, which offers comprehensive product analysis, competitor research, and keyword research to provide sellers with a list of products to sell on Amazon with the highest potential.


Selling high-demand products on Amazon can lead to increased sales and higher income, resulting in growth for sellers and establishing a profitable and sustainable business. While the search process seems to be challenging since so many factors have to be analyzed, using the correct solutions can make the entire process much easier. Get your customized product ideas fast and start your selling journey with Sellerhook.

See what your research report would look like.

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