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What Can I Sell on Amazon as a New or Experienced Seller

Because of the high competition and over 600 million products available on Amazon, it can be hard to choose which profitable product to start selling. In this article, we will discuss the primary tactics you can use when searching for the best products to sell. As a bonus, we’ll also highlight products you can use as a starting point and a source of inspiration.

How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon

There are many different ways to search for niches and products that can bring instant results to your Amazon business. First, you can minimize your time investment by outsourcing product research to professionals. The alternative approach is to use product research tools yourself. You can find product ideas manually according to numerous filters and indicators, which gives you a lot of control and understanding of user preferences.

The choice is yours. Let’s take a detailed look at these methods in more detail below.

Outsource Your Product Research

If you lack the knowledge and don't have enough time to conduct your own thorough product analysis and selection according to your criteria, you can leverage the services of an experienced team. When you decide to launch your ecommerce business and need help choosing the right product that meets your needs, Sellerhook is the perfect solution.

Sellerhook's professional experts have a long track record of success, evidenced by excellent customer approval and reviews.

Here's how to order your own research report from Sellerhook.

1. Decide how many product ideas you want included in your report.
2. Submit payment.
3. Answer the survey. Here, you can check certain boxes to narrow down your search. You can choose options such as:
  • Product categories.
  • The country where you want to sell your product.
  • Price range.
  • Whether you want to consider oversized products.
  • Products that have more than five variations.
  • How much money you plan to invest in your first batch.
  • …and more!
4. Provide additional information. You can also choose to enter your own criteria. For instance, you can set the minimum sales per month to 250.
5. Get your results. Within 10 business days, you will receive a research report with all of the important information you need about products that match your criteria.

Sellerhook has made thorough and comprehensible individual research easy. You will be able to see products that show promising profitability potential and will bring your Amazon business to new heights.

You can see an example of a potentially successful product and some of the analytics from the report below.

Example of a Sellerhook Product Report

Travel Foldable Electric Kettle

This is an example of a product report you can receive if you select special criteria and a specific category. For example, the Home & Kitchen category has stable demand throughout the year.

The travel foldable electric kettle is a great product to sell as it offers convenience to frequent travelers who frequently stay in places without easy access to a stove or kitchenette.

The compact size and foldable design of this kettle make it highly portable, allowing users to easily pack it in their luggage or backpacks for on-the-go use, making it an ideal choice for camping, road trips, or even the office.

Below you can see some analytics of sales for this product on Amazon. The numbers look amazing!
The information provided in this article is accurate at the time it was written, but please note that data is subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the application or relevant sources.
See what your research report would look like.

Manual Product Research

There’s a wide range of effective instruments that can help you identify products with high potential for success on Amazon. From automated tools that collect and analyze data from all over Amazon to other marketplaces, you can find inspiration everywhere.
Use Third-Party Amazon Research Instruments
If you want to find products that are likely to sell well on Amazon on your own, you can use a variety of strategies and tools. Instruments like AMZScout’s Product Database and AMZScout’s PRO Extension will help you manually find potential products and profitable niches.

Get Prduct Ideas Using the AMZScout Product Database

Start with the Product Database. This will help you narrow down your search and choose the best product idea. Afterwards, you can check this idea with the help of AMZScout’s PRO Extension. Just follow these steps:
  1. Register in the AMZScout Product Database and start your free trial.
  2. Set your search filters based on your criteria. Find products based on seller type, prices, margins, and many more. Narrow down the search by selecting the most interesting categories to you, or choose niches in which other sellers have success.
  3. Click “Find Products” to display results.
  4. Make a list of the most interesting items to you.

Check Niches and Products Profitability with the AMZScout PRO Extension

The second step of choosing the best kind of product is to use AMZScout’s PRO Extension. This tool helps any Amazon seller, whether you are experienced or a beginner, evaluate a product's potential by displaying sales estimates, competition, and revenue statistics right on Amazon's search pages.
  1. Install the AMZScout PRO Extension and start your free trial.
  2. Go to Amazon, search for any product or niche you’ve found in AMZScout Database.
  3. Open the extension by clicking on a circle in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  4. Check product data by comparing average monthly sales, the number of sellers, product demand, competition, FBA fees, and profitability.
  5. Analyze the Niche Score, as well as Product Scores for Resellers and Private Label.
  6. Check the Niche and Product History to ensure that your chosen product has a generally high level of demand.
  7. Compare options and choose the best product to sell.
The AMZScout PRO Extension provides you with compelling information. In order to become a successful wholesaler or retail arbitrage vendor and get more in-depth information, you can also use other AMZScout tools, such as Keyword Research instruments and Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Extension.

You can see an example of a potentially successful product and some of the analytics from AMZScout’s tools below.
An Example of Product Found Using AMZScout’s Tools

Face Body Paint Stick

We entered the criteria (which we’ll discuss further below) into the Product Database, found the ​​Body Paint Stick, and then checked in PRO Extension according to the instructions above. As a result, we concluded that this product idea is well-suited for online arbitrage or wholesale.

Selling face and body paint sticks can be a lucrative business opportunity, as they cater to a wide range of events and occasions such as Halloween parties, themed events, festivals, and even children's birthday parties. With the growing popularity of face and body art, there is a constant demand for high-quality paint products.
Let's move on to another method of finding products.
Check out the Best Sellers from Amazon and Movers & Shakers
One more way to discover products to sell on Amazon is to check out Amazon's Best Sellers and Movers & Shakers categories. Top-selling products are those with consistently high sales, while the Movers & Shakers categories indicate products that are growing rapidly. Take a look at these categories to get valuable information on things that are popular and trending.
Look at the Best Sellers on Amazon
Click the “Best Sellers” badge on any Amazon product page to discover other best-selling items in the same category. This will help you identify related products that have shown good sales performance. Keep in mind that in most cases, these kinds of products have high competition, so you should conduct more complex analysis with the help of numerous tools.
Use Google Trends
Utilizing Google Trends is a great idea to help you evaluate a product's popularity over time. Compare different keywords related to potential products and observe their interest trends in search. If you see that a product has constant or increasing interest rates, this can mean steady market demand.
Explore Other Marketplaces
Look beyond Amazon and check product performance on other marketplaces like eBay, Walmart, or Etsy. You can find many successful Amazon products and buy them at a lower price on Alibaba. For eBay, check out the “Trendings” section, and for Walmart, explore their “Best Sellers” and “Top Rated” categories. On Etsy, just type “Trending now” in the search bar, and you will get the list of top products instantly.

Combine these methods and tools and conduct in-depth research to identify Amazon products that are more likely to help you make money. This will give you a competitive edge in the ecommerce marketplace.

Assess Different Product Criteria to Choose the Most Profitable Product

Choosing the right product criteria helps businesses select items that have the best chance of success. In addition, they can help a merchant select products that are most interesting to them and align with their goals. The main product criteria that experienced sellers usually take into account when choosing what people will buy on Amazon are outlined below. Please note that some of these criteria will vary depending on the type of business, like reselling and private label.

The item should have a production cost that is approximately 25% or less of the final sales price. This ensures a healthy profit margin for the business.

Sales Price
The product should be priced between $10 and $70. This price range ensures a balance between affordability and profitability, as people are more likely to buy a cheap product.

The product's dimensions should be less than 18 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and 8 inches in height. This size limit should be taken into consideration because of how much it costs to store and pack items of this size.

The product's weight should be less than 5 lbs. A lighter product reduces shipping costs.

For private label products (products sold under a brand name created by the retailer), sellers in the market should have fewer than 400 reviews on average. Less competition makes it easier for new products to be seen and gain attention.

High Demand
The product should have a strong and consistent demand in the market. This ensures that there is a prominent customer base interested in purchasing that item. It might be helpful to check the number and history of sales, amount of reviews, and the Movers & Shakers section, as this can give you an opportunity to choose the most desired products.

Low Competition
The market for the product should not be saturated with numerous competitors. Lower competition allows your business to establish a prominent base in the market. You can conquer other sellers by establishing a website, for example,l on Shopify, and connect it to your Amazon account.

Not a Seasonal Trend
Your chosen product should not be highly seasonal. This means that its demand shouldn’t fluctuate significantly during specific times of the year or holidays. By choosing an evergreen product, sellers ensure more stable and reliable sales results throughout the year.

Number of Sellers (for Reselling)
There should be a minimum of two other sellers and a maximum of 20 other sellers among those competing for the Buy Box. In addition, Amazon itself shouldn’t be among them because that will significantly decrease the seller’s chances of getting to a desired Buy Box (although, it is legally forbidden by Antimonopoly Services all around the world, Amazon still wins the Buy Box).

Taking these criteria into consideration generally gives sellers an opportunity to increase the likelihood of success in their chosen market or business model. But always remember that these are not the only indicators of profitable products. If the process of searching for the right niche according to numerous criteria takes too much time, or you’re afraid you’ll miss key details, you can always outsource it to professionals, like Sellerhook.

+ Bonus. Examples of Top-Selling Items on Amazon

We have chosen some Amazon products that are popular right now so you can get a better understanding about the logic of using different criteria. Afterwards, you’ll be able to choose what to sell with ease!
These examples serve solely as illustrations and should not be construed as recommendations or an assurance of success.

Blissful Diary Toddler Pillow with Muslin Cotton Pillowcase

Average monthly revenue: $34,871
Average monthly sales: 2,072
Competition: Medium

With high monthly sales and projected revenue, you’ll be able to gain profits quite easily. However, you also need to take competition into consideration, because there’s a certain number of successful sellers in the niche. Anyway, the overall stats show that this is a promising niche to consider.

Ceramic Utensil Crock

Average monthly revenue: $62,891
Average monthly sales: 2,096
Competition: Medium

Analysis of this niche shows that its products perform well with high margins and very high sales. The niche is not oversaturated, meaning that you won’t have many competitors. To become successful with a Ceramic Utensil Crock, you should try to create a product of higher quality (if you choose a private label business model).

Marinating Vacuum Container

Average monthly revenue: $99,072
Average monthly sales: 2,730
Competition: Medium

This product shows amazing results in terms of margins and revenue. A thorough analysis of competition in a niche reveals that you won’t compete with big brands l or battle with a lot of other sellers. We recommend you to create high-quality listings and make top-notch products.

Toddler Airplane Travel Bed

Average monthly revenue: $16,544
Average monthly sales: 663
Competition: Low

The Toddler Airplane Travel Bed is a promising product to sell on Amazon, thanks to its low competition and potential for high profits. However, this product's demand is rated as medium, meaning that succeeding requires additional efforts to boost sales, even on the first page. Another solution can be selling several products with low sales and low competition in order to achieve your desired total profit.

Magnetic Knife Block

Average monthly revenue: $275,531
Average monthly sales: 6,890
Competition: Medium

With high profits and great demand, while using the right strategy and marketing approach, selling a magnetic knife block can bring success! This is not a monopolistic niche, and you won’t have to compete with many strong sellers. But the average rating of already-published products is high, and to be on top, you need to try to sell a product of higher quality.


Finding profitable items can be challenging for a new seller on such a competitive market as Amazon. However, it can be relatively easy if you outsource the process of product searching to professionals, or use automated tools for thorough analysis of big data of the whole platform. Be sure to take cost, sales price, demand, and competition into consideration, so you can make informed decisions without any doubt.
See what your research report would look like.

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