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How to Find Wholesale Items to Sell on Amazon and Make a Profit

Selling products after purchasing them wholesale offers numerous fantastic opportunities to sellers who prefer to work from home. Unlike retail arbitrage, you don't have to go to physical stores and flea markets and look for unique items. Selecting suitable and profitable wholesale items to sell on Amazon is the most essential part of establishing a prosperous online business.

In this article, we're going to cover the key aspects of running a profitable Amazon wholesale business, provide examples of prime goods for this type of business, and identify the best places to purchase wholesale items from brands.

How to Sell Wholesale Products on Amazon

Amazon wholesaling is the process of buying goods in bulk, often from well-known brands, and then selling them at a higher price on the global marketplace. The key advantage of this business model is that sellers acquire products from reputable brands that already boast a loyal customer base, top-notch products, and a high level of trust. As a result, sellers don't have to promote the goods on their own.

Here's what you need to do to set up this type of business:
  1. Start by picking a specific niche and choosing products that align with current market trends.
  2. Set up a seller account on Amazon and carefully consider how you want to present your business.
  3. Establish connections with wholesale suppliers or brand owners to gain permission for reselling their products and to acquire inventory at lower per-unit costs.
  4. When the deal is approved, consider your shipping options. Manage order fulfillment either independently, collaborate with third-party logistics companies (3PL), or take advantage of Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).
  5. Add your products to the marketplace. Last but not least, to ensure a successful business, pay close attention to listing your products accurately and delivering exceptional customer service.
In a nutshell, these are the primary steps. If you follow this approach, you'll have a consistent source of income right from the convenience of your own home in no time.

How to Choose a Product to Sell

Here's a step-by-step guide to assist you in making well-informed decisions about choosing the right wholesale products and achieving solid profit margins:
1. Identify Your Niche
Begin by pinpointing the niche or specific product category you wish to focus on. Take into account your own personal interests and expertise, as well as prevailing market trends, as you narrow down your options.

2. Conduct Market Research
Utilize online tools, marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, and social media platforms to help you gain insight into popular products and identify potential gaps in the market.

3. Assess Demand
Determine whether there's a genuine demand for the product you intend to sell. Analyze its sales performance across various platforms, and take note of customer engagement through comments and interactions.

4. Evaluate Competition
Delve into the competitive landscape to understand if there are already established and successful sellers offering your chosen product. Be aware that high competition can make it more challenging to establish a foothold in the market.

5. Calculate Profitability
Perform a thorough calculation of potential profit margins for different products. Take into consideration factors such as wholesale costs, shipping fees, projected retail prices, and any associated expenses. Aim for products that offer robust profit margins exceeding 10%.

6. Analyze Customer Feedback
If you're considering joining an existing listing on Amazon, take the time to study customer reviews and feedback. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the product based on customer feedback and determine if the product has quality issues. This analysis will enable you to assess the risks and make informed product selection decisions.
By following these steps, you can systematically evaluate and select wholesale products with the highest likelihood of success. Next, we'll delve into the most effective strategies for choosing profitable wholesale products.

Get Assistance from Experienced Specialists

Hunting down profitable product ideas can be a fairly time-consuming process. It also requires a substantial amount of business knowledge and analytical effort. Rather than dedicating days or even weeks to manually sorting through tons of data from various sources, you can use ready-to-go solutions to make this process easy and quick.

Enter Sellerhook, a helpful service designed to aid you in identifying the best wholesale products for your business. Their process is as straightforward as can be. Outsource your research to Sellerhook's professionals to unearth lucrative concepts for wholesale items based on your specified criteria. Within 10 business days, after completing a brief survey, you'll receive a compilation of the most advantageous options for your Amazon wholesale business.
Here's a step-by-step breakdown:
1. Determine the number of product ideas you want included in your report.
2. Make your payment.
3. Select a wholesale model in the provided questionnaire. This ensures that you'll receive tailored recommendations aligned with the wholesale business model.
4. Pick the product category or categories from which you intend to sell. Choose those that align with your passions, interests, or perceived profitability. If this aspect doesn't carry significant weight for you, or if you'd prefer professionals to handle this step, you can leave this section blank.

5. Set your preferred price range. This will allow Sellerhook's specialists to understand your pricing strategy.

6. Specify the criteria that hold the greatest importance for you. This can involve asking specialists to choose products with substantial revenue potential, low market competition, or compact and lightweight dimensions. You can also request items that have a presence in emerging niches, steady year-round demand, or the potential for recurring purchases in the future. Additionally, feel free to provide any additional comments or suggestions.
7. Submit your questionnaire and await the results. Just fill in your contact details, and within 10 business days, you’ll receive results that perfectly align with your inquiry.
Instead of wasting time and energy on manual data analysis, consider using Sellerhook to find profitable wholesale product ideas. By providing your requirements to Sellerhook, you can expect to receive a curated list of wholesale options with a higher likelihood of success within a mere 10 business days.
See what your research report would look like.

Examples of the Most Profitable Wholesale Items to Sell on Amazon

We've handpicked a few product examples that show considerable potential on Amazon. These examples aim to provide you with guidance on where to direct your attention when hunting for wholesale items to sell from home. The main criteria to bear in mind for these items include sales volume, revenue generation, product sales history, pricing trajectory, level of competition, dimensions, weight, and other factors.
Please note that these examples are presented for illustrative purposes and should not be considered explicit recommendations. We cannot ensure a guaranteed successful outcome. All of the figures provided here are accurate as of the time of writing this article, and may change over time.
Product 1: Kinky-Curly Styling Gel

Sales: 1,703
Revenue: $61,232
This popular product line is loved by people who have curly hair and stylists around the world, and is an ideal option for sellers who buy wholesale. Recent statistics reveal a steady rise in sales since mid-2023, thanks to the brand's thriving popularity.

Pay close attention to the high number of sellers on this listing: this can mean strong competition. To stand out as a newcomer in the marketplace, it's essential to devise a competitive pricing strategy and provide top-notch customer service.
Product 2: Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream

Sales: 2,447
Revenue: $104,789
This face cream maintains consistent popularity within the market, as evidenced by the Product Sales history chart. Its lightweight nature coupled with a budget-friendly purchase price positions it ideally for any wholesale business model. Notably, this product holds the potential for generating substantial revenue and driving a considerable volume of sales.

Nevertheless, it's important to factor in the presence of numerous sellers in the market. This high level of competition might present complexities for a seller who is just starting out in the field.
Product 3: Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment

Sales: 3,044
Revenue: $95,381
This product has gained popularity over the years since entering the market. Boasting an impressive revenue that surpasses $95,000, coupled with substantial profit margins and robust sales figures, this item exhibits noteworthy potential.

However, its price also tends to decrease over time, which means that careful consideration of your pricing strategy will be essential. You’ll need to factor in FBA fees, purchase price, and all the other expenses that usually increase over time in order to compete with numerous sellers.
Product 4: Nylabone Gourmet Style Strong Chew

Sales: 1,632
Revenue: $21,094
This chew product has maintained a steady pricing trend over the years, allowing sellers to make accurate sales and revenue projections. With a relatively low purchase cost and exceptional lightweight attributes, it stands as a favorable option for wholesale ventures.

The Pet Supplies category holds substantial promise due to its combination of low competition and significant potential. The limited number of sellers listed also enhances the likelihood of winning the Buy Box, providing an advantageous position for sellers as well.
Product 5: BrüMate Martini Margarita Tumbler

Sales: 1,048
Revenue: $33,805
This tumbler has become more popular since it was introduced, thanks to both its high-level marketing strategy and word-of-mouth. It's making a significant amount of money every month (over $33,000), and it has sold well, showing that it has great potential. Another bonus is that the competition is low. This product is lightweight, so transportation and warehousing fees are also going to be relatively low.

However, its price tends to go down as time passes. This means you'll need to carefully think about how you set the pricing strategy for this product.

Using AMZScout PRO Extension for Evaluating Data

The data and screenshots for the products above were obtained using AMZScout’s PRO Extension. This tool gives sellers an opportunity to evaluate product ideas by automatically analyzing huge amounts of data and helping sellers choose which wholesale items to sell on Amazon effectively.

Here are the steps to use this tool to help you analyze any kind of product easily on your own:
1. Install the AMZScout PRO Extension. Sign up for a free trial. No credit card or additional details are required.

2. Find a product. Go to Amazon and open any product page that suits your interest and aligns with your business goals.

3. Open the extension. Click on the icon to open the extension, and it will smoothly incorporate into your Amazon page.

4. Evaluate general data. The extension will provide you with a range of valuable information about your selected product and similar items. Pay attention to details such as the Product Score for reselling, the number of sales, revenue, FBA fees, margins, and all other metrics.

5. Check the Product history. This product sales data will help you identify trends and determine whether the product's demand is steady, increasing, or fluctuating.
Careful examination of all data will help you make an informed decision when choosing items to purchase wholesale.

Where to Buy Wholesale Products

Now, let's delve into where to find products to sell and discuss some tips on how to optimize your returns from these products.

Lists of Wholesale Suppliers

If you want to find many wholesale items easily, you can use AMZScout's Wholesale Pack. This is a helpful learning tool. It gives you access to more than 100 top suppliers from the US and UK. This list includes 16 popular Amazon categories, which makes finding suppliers easy. This pack also provides you with helpful tools, expert consultation, and tips on finding good opportunities for wholesale.

You might also find lists like this on various forums, websites about wholesale businesses, or from sources in China. But reviewing all of these can take a lot of time, maybe days or even weeks. Using ready-to-go resources is a much quicker and money-saving approach.

Manufacturers or Brand Owners

The next thing you need to do when buying wholesale goods is to get in touch with manufacturers and brand representatives directly. This means finding and talking to companies that make the products you want to sell. Doing this yourself can be challenging and time-consuming as you have to get permission to sell these types of products from the brands. In order to gain approval, it’s important to make a good impression and show the manufacturer that you are able to sell their product effectively.


In this article, we've talked about how to sell wholesale products and enter the Amazon market successfully. Buying wholesale items offers businesses plenty of opportunities for revenue. There are many advantages, like selling popular brands and maybe even making more money compared to retail buying.

Having the right tools by your side is super important. Options like Sellerhook and AMZScout’s PRO Extension are helpful partners when you're trying to find wholesale items to sell. The e-commerce market has a lot of promise, and with the right help, you can move towards growing your business and making a profit.

See what your research report would look like.

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