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Discover the Best Items to Dropship in 2024

The primary challenge for dropshipping entrepreneurs is selecting the right products to resell at higher margins. This decision can significantly impact various aspects of a business, from overall profits to profit margins, and even the reputation of the enterprise. This guide explores the best products for dropshipping and discusses how to select profitable ones.

How Does Dropshipping Work?

Let’s explore how dropshipping works in simple steps:

1. Seller selects a product. You choose items to sell in your online store (you have the options to sell on Ebay, Shopify, Amazon, Facebook, or your own website).

2. Customer orders from your store. When someone buys from your store, you purchase the product for a cheaper price from a third party (like a supplier, wholesaler, or from sites like Walmart or AliExpress).

3. Supplier ships directly to your customer. The third party ships the product directly to your customer.

4. You Profit. You make money by selling the product at a higher price than what you paid.

At first glance, dropshipping seems like an easy way to start your own business. However, there are a couple of drawbacks you have to consider before delving into this business model, such as:
  • Lower Profit Margins: Because you're not buying products in bulk, your profit margins per sale may be lower compared to those with more traditional retail models.
  • Dependence on Suppliers: Your business success is tied to the reliability and efficiency of your suppliers. Any issues they face, like stockouts or shipping problems, will impact your business directly.
Even in the face of these challenges, many entrepreneurs are able to make dropshipping work, as long as they can find the most profitable products. In the next part of this article, we'll explore some examples of highly profitable items.

15 Best Items to Dropship from Amazon in 2024

These examples serve solely as illustrations and should not be construed as recommendations or an assurance of success.
We have compiled a list of 15 products that are great for dropshipping, all from Amazon. This marketplace offers a wide variety of opportunities for any business. It also reflects global trends, so if a product is desired on Amazon, it is most likely popular on other platforms as well. Our selection involved analysis of Product Scores for Reselling and Sales History, collected with the help of the AMZScout PRO Extension.

The Product Score for Reselling ranges from 1 to 10 and evaluates a product's likelihood of success through the Online Arbitrage, Wholesale, and Dropshipping business models. This score takes into account factors like demand, competition, and profitability for products on Amazon.

Sales History refers to the product's sales over the past two years or less. You can find this metric in the Niche History tab.

These examples will help you determine the main factors for choosing the best products for your own business. Check them out below for more details.
The information provided in this article is accurate at the time it was written, but please note that data is subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the application or relevant sources.
Product Score: 10
Sales: High

Wireless Phone Chargers are a smart choice for dropshipping. Sales have been growing since October 2022 and remain stable, indicating sustained demand right now. With smartphones being a daily essential for so many individuals, these chargers are in high demand. This product has a high Product Score, indicating its popularity and potential profitability. Priced between $25 and $35, they are attractive to a wide audience.

2. Smartphone Accessories (IPhone 14 & IPhone 13 Case)

Product Score: 10
Sales: High

Priced between $25 and $40, these smartphone cases have been growing steadily since their initial launch in September 2022. As essential companions for mobile users, the consistent sales growth of these accessories makes them a reliable option for dropshipping. With a broad price range, they cater to various budget needs. Ideal for dropshipping, these accessories promise a reliable income stream in a competitive market.
Product Score: 10
Sales: High

With the growing focus on health and fitness, fitness trackers maintain a strong market presence. They experienced a remarkable surge in sales in November 2022, maintaining consistently high demand since then. These metrics indicate their popularity and potential for sustained success. These trackers cater to the increasing interest in health and fitness, with a price range of $80 to $100, making them an attractive option for dropshipping.
Product Score: 10
Sales: High

Portable blenders have been experiencing a growth in sales from September 2023. The convenience of these blenders and $20 to $50 price range contribute to their rising popularity, making them an attractive choice for dropshipping. They accommodate various consumer budgets.
Product Score: 10
Sales: High

Reusable products have gained popularity with environmental awareness rising. These types of straws and bags have seen a notable uptick in sales since March 2023 and have maintained growth since. Their affordability, with prices between $6 and $14, and their eco-conscious appeal position them as a good option for dropshipping.
Product Score: 10
Sales: High

Makeup enthusiasts seek well-lit spaces, which makes LED makeup mirrors a desirable option They have consistently grown in sales since September 2022. With an attractive design, these mirrors offer a perfect blend of functionality and style, appealing to a wide consumer base. A staple for beauty enthusiasts, these mirrors promise a steady income source in the competitive dropshipping landscape, and are priced between $15 and $25.
Product Score: 10
Sales: High

Modern alarm clocks with USB ports offer convenience, and have been experiencing steady growth in sales since February 2023. Ideal for dropshipping, with a price range between $15 and $23, these clocks are attractive to tech-savvy consumers, ensuring a reliable income stream.
Product Score: 10
Sales: High

Minimalist jewelry appeals to those who prefer simplicity. These timeless pieces appeal to fashion-conscious consumers, consistently demonstrating high sales. Priced around $16, they are not very expensive. Their enduring style makes these pieces an attractive option for dropshipping.
Product Score: 10
Sales: High

With hands-free laws in place, car phone holders are in demand. They have been seeing an increase in sales since November 2023. The practicality and necessity of these holders make them an essential choice for drivers. This item presents a reliable income opportunity for dropshipping when you set a price around $20 to $30.
Product Score: 10
Sales: High

Pet owners care about grooming, making pet grooming tools a profitable niche. With a price range of $30 to $45, they have been experiencing increased sales since December 2021. Ideal for pet owners, with encouraging sales numbers, these grooming tools promise a reliable income stream for dropshipping.

11. Home Workout Equipment (Resistance Bands, Yoga Mats)

Product Score: 10
Sales: High

The popularity of home workouts has surged, boosting demand for equipment. For example, resistance bands have experienced consistent growth in sales since July 2022, as they cater to the current interest in home fitness. Suitable for dropshipping, with a price of around $5 - $25 and encouraging sales figures, these products offer a reliable income source in a competitive market.

12. Smart Home Devices (Smart Plugs, Bulbs)

Product Score: 10
Sales: High

The smart home trend continues with devices offering convenience. Smart plugs and bulbs have seen growth in sales from August 2023. These devices align with the increasing trend toward home automation. Perfect for dropshipping because of high sales and a price range of $30 to $40, these smart devices promise a reliable income stream.

13. Kitchen Gadgets (Avocado Slicers, Spiralizers)

Product Score: 10
Sales: High

Unique kitchen gadgets attract buyers looking for convenience. Avocado slicers and spiralizers have experienced growth in sales since July 2023. These gadgets cater to the demand for convenient and innovative tools, and can find their place in any kitchen. Priced between $10 and $16, with substantial sales numbers, these gadgets offer a reliable income source.

14. Travel Accessories (Neck Pillows, Compression Socks)

Product Score: 10
Sales: High

Travelers seek comfort, creating demand for travel accessories. Affordably priced from $14 to $20, neck pillows have maintained consistently high sales since 2022. These products fulfill the ongoing demand for travel essentials, making them suitable for dropshipping due to the promising sales numbers.
Product Score: 10
Sales: High

Pet owners love to spoil their pets, driving the demand for toys. These items have been seeing a growth in sales since June 2022. They’re ideal for dropshipping, especially if priced between $15 and $25. This product is extremely popular among pet owners, and the sales numbers are promising.

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Sellers need to continuously search for high-demand products, watch trends on social media, and explore best-seller lists. Dropshippers should focus on trending products, because they often lead to faster and more frequent purchases. Popular items can also bring higher profits since customers may be willing to pay more for these. Additionally, people are more likely to buy products that are currently popular or trending.
Services like Sellerhook can aid in finding potential products for dropshipping, aligning your business with market demands

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